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Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 6:00AM
Sat - 9:00AM-5:00PM
Sundays by appointment only!


Facilities & Activities:

Sree Sai Krupa Charitable Trust® undertakes its key function and objectives through the following activities.

  • Provide equal opportunities to all children by giving them better education, love, encouragement and any necessary requirements that they need as children.
  • Educate communities about the causes, effects and needs of orphans and vulnerable children to our societies.
  • Provide encouragement to the children in their daily lives.
  • Provide safe and nitrating environment to orphans and vulnerable children, through which they all receive all the necessary provision for a good quality life, including but not limited to housing, education, medical care and nutrition.
  • Put the children in an environment conducive to their social, physical and emotional development.
  • Give the children better education by assisting in the provision of educational fees and costs associated with education as well as working with sponsors and donors to meet these needs.
  • Advancing the quality of life and relieve the needs of the children through recreational and leisure activities.
  • Develop capacities and skills of the family members of the children in the orphanage.
  • Educating the children at various levels from nursery to university.

Considering that lose to 42% of India’s population is below the age of 18. Children are key to the country’s development. A large part of our intervention activities focus on empowerment of the girl child, especially those in adolescence. Open shelters for children in vulnerable conditions and shelters for physically handicap children.

All the children are being given the best quality of food, accommodation & education. Now we have children, between the age of 6-18 years studying at various levels in well reputed and recognized schools and colleges. Children are also encouraged for extracurricular activities. With the support of volunteers we are able to give various exposures to our children.

The extracurricular activities that they are involved are:-

  • Sports events
  • Spoken English classes
  • Music & Dance class
  • Computer training
  • Art & Craft
  • Cultural activities
  • Painting classes
  • Yoga Classes