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Sree Sai Krupa Charitable Trust® is a non-profit, non-political and secular development organization. We operate on the governing tenets of equitable development and inclusive growth of society.



Our Mission:

We are committed to secure especially children who are under privileged, downtrend, socially mislead & are suffering due to forced child labour; we continuously work to add more children to get the benefit of our services.

Our Vision:

To free the children from bondage of child labor, slavery, forced work labor, reach street children & rehabilitate & educate them. To equip them to live inspiring lives too many more and they in turn uplift & develop the poor children in India.

Our Work:

Sree Sai Krupa Charitable Trust® has established open shelters as a support facility for vulnerable children in need of case and protection, particularly rag pickers, street performers, children of migrant population, trafficked, deserted as well as other vulnerable groups.

Children’s programs:

In many ways, we at Sree Sai Krupa Charitable Trust® tap into the potential of Public-private partnerships to reach out of children in need of care and attention. Sree Sai Krupa Charitable Trust® is supported by and collaborates with the state government and with some of MNC companies.

When was Sree Sai Krupa Charitable Trust® Started?

Sree Sai Krupa Charitable trust was started in the year 2007 with 3 children 2 elderly people, Mr.Shivarudra, the founder of Sree sai Krupa charitable trust has been Unconditionally Supported by his wife Mrs.Shashi Shivarudra & that has led him to go that extra mile to provide the best for the children who are in need. Sree Sai Krupa Charitable Trust presently supports orphans, children with single parents & children who are socially misled.

We are also supporting children from very poor & needy family background. Started from 3 children today we have reached out to 60+ children; Mr.Shivarudra has dedicated himself for the upliftment of socially deprived children, elderly people & destitute women’s.

Sree Sai Krupa Charitable Trust was a dream for Mr. Shivarudra and was transformed into reality by his dedicated efforts and commitment that he showed this charitable organization. Mr. Shivarudra is running the organization with his own funds from the beginning of the trust till date, without any financial support from government organizations, public or any private sectors.

All the children are being given the best quality of food, accommodation & education.

  • Activities that they are involved are:

  • Sports events
  • Spoken English classes
  • Music & Dance class
  • Computer training
  • Art & Craft
  • Cultural activities
  • Painting classes
  • Yoga Classes

Note about home for Poor Kids

Each and every child who enters Children Home is given Counselling by a professional counsellor. This process will identify the underlying problems of the child and help her to transform negative attitudes, overcome depression and develop positive outlook towards life.

The children are provided accommodation, food, schooling, healthcare, clothes and recreation facilities.

Note about Elderly People

At Sree Sai Krupa Charitable Trust® we help older people flourish as God intended and to lived fulfilled lives in older age. We believe that as well as providing secure, comfortable homes and professional care, older people should be supported and encouraged to spend the later part of their lives contributing to the world around them, growing and enjoying fulfilling lives.

we are committed to love and have compassion for our neighbors at every stage of life. We follow in cherishing the elderly, treating them as treasured human beings made in the image of God, and capable of continuing their spiritual growth even as their body or mind may fail them.


Sree Sai Krupa Charitable Trust® is a non-profit, non-political and secular development organization. We operate on the governing tenets of equitable development and inclusive growth of society. Our work is directed by the philosophy that “All women, men, persons with disability and children have the basic right to dignity and self- determination and that all people should have the opportunity and choice of enhancing their own potential and wellbeing. The developmental programs we implement combine the potential of state welfare schemes to address social concerns with the experience of social sector experts, in order to positively impact lives. Sri Sai Krupa Charitable Trust is registered under the trust act and it is approved as per section 12A and 80G (5) (VI) of Income tax act 1961, Cetificate from Child welfare Committee (under JJ act), NITI Ayog. Sri Sai Krupa Trust ® is a home of all faiths and irrespective of caste and creed. This humanitarian deed, till now has shaped the lives of many such people who are deprived of their families or are completely helpless.


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Sree Sai Krupa Charitable Trust® is a home for Poor Kids, Elderly People and Destitute. Our main aim is to provide a holistic environment and condition for deprived Children and elderly people.